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About Us

Furcationland Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on the furry fandom. Taking place in the heart of downtown Portland, Maine; we plan to come together each year to have fun and celebrate the furry fandom through art, literature, and culture based around anthropomorphic animals.

Furcationland Inc was officially founded in March 2021 in the state of Maine. Through lots of meetings, planning, and volunteering our time, we are proud to bring you a fuzzy, fun-filled event! We are a volunteer-based charitable organization and hope that you will join us in helping out good charity causes.

We invite you to learn more about our organization, our directors, and our staff.

We are focused on our charity and hope Furcationland raises a lot of money for Short Folks For Hope! 💚


Registration is now OPEN for 2024!

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What Is "Furry"?

"Put simply, anthropomorphism is endowing human characteristics to nonhuman objects. Usually taking the form of human characteristics given to animals, anthropomorphism has been with humanity from the very earliest cave paintings to our modern marketing icons and sports mascots. It is only in the last several decades that the study of and fandom for anthropomorphism (commonly called the 'furry' fandom) has been recognized as unique and deserving of attention...

Unfortunately, as with many subculture groups, the furry fandom is often misunderstood by the mainstream media. Images of the fandom have been greatly exaggerated and played up for pure shock value by programs on MTV and a recent episode of CSI. These images portray negatively - and falsely - a group that is simply misunderstood.

Many of our fans are well-educated, gainfully employed members of society who simply have a hobby. It's a hobby that's not different from Star Trek 'Trekkies,' comic book fans, or those interested in reenacting past events like the Civil War or the medieval era. In addition to all genders, ethnicities, and personal backgrounds, all professions are represented among the furry fandom to include: doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, programmers, students, and more. We are all bound together by our interest in this fascinating cultural phenomenon. We invite the curious to toss aside the uninformed opinions of others and come find out more about what the furry fandom is really about."

— Quoted the perfectly crafted definition of "furry" from Furry Weekend Atlanta