COVID-19 Policy

FSP-SAF-201P — Revised 20 Feb 2023

Section 1: Facts & Definitions

1.0.0 Facts

During any pandemic or epidemic, transmission rates of any disease rise in any public place where people are present. This is especially the case when the disease is transmissible through the air by inhaling particles or microdroplets transporting the disease. Depending on the nature of the disease, exposure could lead to personal injury, severe illness, and death. By attending Furcationland, you voluntarily assume all risks of exposure to infectious diseases. All visitors must follow all Furcationland health and safety protocols.

Based on guidance from the CDC, FDA, and other health authorities, or by approval of the Furcationland board of directors, this policy may be amended to include attendees not currently covered. Furthermore, the definition of “up to date” per CDC guidelines may be amended to include additional booster or follow-up doses.

If you have symptoms of or are sick with any infectious disease, or simply feel unwell, please stay home.

1.1.0 Definitions

Up to date” means you have completed a COVID-19 vaccine primary series and received the most recent booster dose recommended for you by the CDC.

A “primary series” is the base course of vaccines. In most cases, this is 2 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine, or 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson Janssen’s vaccine. For more information, please consult the COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ and your healthcare provider.

Section 2: Personal Protective Equipment

2.0.0 Face Coverings

2.1.0 Face Covering Requirements

2.1.1 Examples of approved face coverings

Approved face coverings consist of and are limited to:

All masks are subject to inspection and approval by security staff.

2.1.2 Examples of inadequate face coverings

Section 3: Vaccines & Testing

3.0.0 Vaccine and Testing Requirements

To attend Furcationland, all attendees 5 or older must present one of the following at badge pickup:

  1. A vaccine record card or a photograph thereof showing the attendee’s first and last name, evidence of being Up to Date (see Definitions), and the manufacturers, lot numbers, and administration dates of each dose; OR
  2. Proof of a negative PCR/rapid test administered by a healthcare provider within the last three days (see table in section 3.1.0). Tests must be FDA approved and must not be expired. At-home tests cannot be accepted at this time.

Furcationland recommends watching CDC guidelines and consulting your healthcare provider about receiving additional booster doses in order to maintain your protection.

3.1.0 Testing Validity Timeline

If I take my test on Monday then it is valid for badge pickup no later than Thursday.
If I take my test on Tuesday then it is valid for badge pickup no later than Friday.
If I take my test on Wednesday then it is valid for badge pickup no later than Saturday.
If I take my test on Thursday then it is valid for badge pickup no later than Sunday.