Kovu (Chairperson)


After finding the furry fandom in 2006 thanks to an online forum and a friend in high school, Kovu hosted meets, staffed cons, and even ran a furry social network for a few years in high school and college. He got his fursuit in 2020 and absolutely loves running around as a dumb green dog. He hopes Furcationland will give those new to the fandom the moment he had when he attended FurFright 2010. The moment where you realize that amongst all the chaos, you've found your family.

Codex (Vice-Chairperson)


Being a part of the Furry fandom since 2002, Codex has been a fairly quiet member up until 2019. He is a volunteer firefighter in the state of Maine and has numerous ventures in non-profit organizations and their operations on a day to day basis. Going from a quiet art collector to Vice Chairperson of a convention was quite the challenge, but he enjoys it nonetheless! In his off time, you can find Codex in VRChat or streaming occasionally to Twitch.

Kaeda (Treasurer)


After participating in the Furry fandom from the sidelines since 2014, Kaeda is grateful for a chance to give back to the community by helping with a convention. Outside of fuzzy shenanigans, Kaeda enjoys working with computers, DIY projects, and passionately pursuing vertical adventures in the great outdoors. As the Treasurer, Kaeda strives to maintain smooth and responsible financial operations for Furcationland.

Kaiug (Marketing Director)


Kaiug has been part of the Furry fandom since 2008, and enjoys creating fun events for people to express themselves in a safe environment. He co-founded North East Furs, a US-based Telegram chat group out of the New England region. He has hosted furmeets ranging from laser tag and arcades to hikes and just relaxing at the beach. Motto: "Less stress is best!"

Novar (Operations Director)


Novar has been a member of the furry fandom since 2015, and since then he has staffed/volunteered at conventions while also running many furmeets within the state of Maine. He has also served on the board of directors for a different convention and that has given him a lot of experience in running one. For fun, Novar loves water and enjoys swimming, scuba, being outdoors, going hiking, camping, and going on adventures! As Furcationland's Operations Director, one of his primary goals is to produce a fun and memorable experience for attendees to enjoy.