Vendor Policy

FSP-DLD-201P — Revised 15 Nov 2022

Section 1: Definitions

1.1.0 Minor

Any attendee of Furcationland (henceforth known as FCL in this document) under the age of 18.

1.2.0 Goods

Items available for purchase at a vendor table. This can include but is not limited to artwork, stuffed animals, fursuits, clothing, jewelry, pins, etc.

1.3.0 P.O.S.

Abbreviation for “point of sale”, this can either refer to dealer-managed systems such as Square or Stripe, or a con cashier set up and maintained by FCL staff

1.4.0 Display

The manner in which an artist or vendor arranges their goods in their space.

1.5.0 Rating

A score given to a piece of media (art, written work, or goods) that rates how suitable it is to audiences. Ratings are typically as follows: G - General Audiences; PG - Parental Guidance Suggested; PG-13 - Parental Guidance for Children Under 13; R - Not Recommended for Under 17 Years; X - Adults Only

1.6.0 AI

'Artificial Intelligence'-in this doc, AI refers to programs such as DALL-E or similar generators that create images by sampling other images and artwork found online

1.7.0 Tax ID

This is a number assigned to a business or artist and is used for income tax purposes. A Maine tax ID number is required for vendors to participate in the dealer’s room.

Section 2: Requirements to Vend

Vendors must meet the following requirements in order to vend at the convention:

2.0.0 Tax ID requirement

All vendors applying to deal at our convention must be able to provide a valid tax ID for the state of Maine during the application process. A guide detailing how to do this can be found here. Vendors with questions or who need assistance are encouraged to email [email protected]. Vendors who cannot provide a valid tax ID will not be allowed to vend at the convention.

2.1.0 Age Requirement

All vendors must be 18 or older to sell goods.

2.2.0 Handling of Funds

Dealers will be responsible for their own handling of funds/transactions, be it through cash or credit cards through a service such as Square. No con cashier services will be available.

2.3.0 Assistants

Dealers may have one (1) assistant per table with them at their vendor space.

Section 3: Vendor Displays

3.1.0 Vendor Spaces

When vendors apply for space in the dealer’s den, they will have the option of choosing either a single table or a double table. Tables are approximately 6 feet by 2.5 feet. Exact table sizes are subject to change. Tables with access to power will be available.

3.2.0 Permitted Display Setups

Vendors are permitted to use any of the following to display goods:

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to use any other displays.

3.2.1 Display Setups not approved by 3.2.0

If a Vendor wants to use a setup to display goods that is not permitted by 2.2.0, they should contact [email protected] and the Dealer’s Den Head shall review and approve or reject the setup at their discretion.

3.3.0 Banners

Vendors are permitted to hang a banner for their studio/business in their space, as long as the artwork is deemed compliant with Furcationland policies, is safe for general audiences, and is not sexually explicit or overtly suggestive.

3.4.0 Display Size

Displays must not impede traffic flow through the room, nor should they overflow into adjoining dealer spaces.

3.4.1 Display Violations

FCL reserves the right to remove displays at any time. If FCL staff, Dealer’s Den Head, or a director determines that a display violates the Vendor Guidelines, FCL staff may request for the display to be changed or taken down.

3.5.0 Permitted Goods

The following list of goods are permitted to be sold by vendors attending FCL:

It is the responsibility of dealers and artists to make sure they are in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. Contact [email protected] if you would like to sell any other items not listed above.

3.6.0 Adult Content

As a general rule, con space at FCL should be PG/PG-13. If a vendor wishes to sell items/artwork intended for adults, the following rules apply:

3.7.0 Banned Goods

The following items may not be sold within the dealer’s den or artist’s alley, for any reason:

Any vendor found to be selling these items will be asked to remove them, and further action may be taken based on the severity of the offense. The list of banned goods is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Dealer’s Den Head or the board of directors.

Section 4: Violation Penalties

4.0.0 Violation Penalties

Violation of the above guidelines may incur the following consequences:

We strive to never move beyond a verbal warning with our dealers. A verbal warning will raise an issue with opportunity for resolution.