Hotel Underground Parking Garage

88 Spring St, Portland, ME 04101

After turning into the hotel's brick driveway, keep driving forward and enter the underground parking garage.

  • Parking space is very limited, so make sure to arrive early!
  • Parking costs $15 per car per night.
  • Parking costs are added to your hotel bill automatically during checkout.
  • There is a hotel shuttle which can take you to other locations within 2 miles of the hotel. No need to drive locally!

Note: Only overnight hotel guests are allowed to stay in the underground parking lot. If you have a day pass or other overnight accomodations, use the external parking garage next door!

Hotel External Parking Garage

40 Spring St, Portland, ME 04101

From the Hotel, travel North East on Spring Street, towards Center Street. The parking garage entry is the first driveway on your right.

  • There is a ticket booth at the garage's gate.
  • Day Pass Holders: Parking costs $5 for the day.
  • Hotel Guests: Parking costs $15 a day per car and is added to your hotel bill automatically during checkout.
  • After Hotel check-in, your hotel key will open the exit gate.

There is an assistance call button at the gate in case you have trouble with it.

Day Pass Holders: If you pay to leave the parking garage and drive back inside, you will have to pay again!