Fursuit Dance Competition

Please read the rules for the dance competition! See you in our inbox ASAP and on stage in April!

  • Fursuit Dance Competition Preliminaries will be 'virtual' this year so that even folks just coming for the weekend will be able to compete.
  • Your song must be cut down to 2 minutes maximum and all swear words must be censored.
  • The performance you submit to us in virtual prelims must be the one you will be doing at the convention.
  • The Fursuit Dance Competition requires that you be in a partial fursuit at minimum which consists of a head, hands, footpaws and tail.
  • The Fursuit Dance Competition will take place on Saturday evening and you will be required to show up 30min early to go over show flow and details.
  • If you have questions email [email protected].
Submit for Fursuit Dance Competition!