Guests of Honor

Each year, Furcationland is excited to welcome talented Guests of Honor to join us in celebrating the furry community during our convention. These amazing folks have made significant contributions to the furry fandom through their art, creativity, and passion. We're thrilled to have them join us and share their incredible talents with our attendees. Throughout the convention weekend, we'll be featuring their work in various ways, giving our attendees a chance to connect with these guests and gain a deeper appreciation for their contributions to the furry fandom.


he/him Fleur

A full time furry artist and fursuiter from Florida, Fleur has been drawing and sharing their artwork with the furry community for several years.


she/her Chise

A furry molecular biologist who helped develop the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, Chise has been known to dispel fake news and educate others on social media.