Our Staff


Our directors keep the contracts signed, the taxes filed, and the meeting minutes up to date! Most of our directors are responsible for managing an entire division of our organization. If you would like to know more about our directors and who they are, check out our Directors page.

Kovu Kovu
Codex Codex
Vice Chairperson
Kaeda Kaeda
Kaiug Kaiug
Walolas Walolas
Beaky Beaky
Novar Novar


Our liaisons handle communication between us and other individuals, businesses, and organizations. They help us manage things like hotel reservations, discounts & deals with local bars & restaurants, and our honored guests. They are expert communicators and help prevent some day-to-day stress for our directors.

Bolt Bolt
Guest Liaison
Dipper Dipper
Hotel Liaison
Armour Armour
Local Liaison

Art & Merchandise

Our Art & Merchandise department is responsible for developing all the artwork and media used for the convention, and for selecting, designing, and purchasing the merchandise sold at the Con Store, as well as promotional materials handed out at other events to promote the convention.

Honey Honey
Ark Ark
Pidge Pidge
Captain Captain
Remix Remix
Fiber Fiber

AV & Streaming

Our AV & Streaming department is responsible for providing, setup, takedown, maintaining, and operating of audio/visual equipment in the main ballroom primarily, and any other location within the convention where it is needed. AV also coordinates and operates the streaming of events. Examples include lighting and sound systems, televisions, projectors, etc.

Vector Vector
Tanq Tanq
Renn Renn
Trekk Trekk
Robin Robin
Nero Nero
Crumb Crumb
Row Row
Snowflake Snowflake


Our Charity department is liaison to the charity partner, and coordinates fundraising activities that take place before and during the convention.

Maibu Maibu
Toxi Toxi
C0mplex C0mplex


Our Gaming department operates the game room, which is a social space for attendees. Game Room provides games for attendees to play and keeps track of their inventory.

Nova Nova
Adryl Adryl
Hiveul Hiveul
Jaws Jaws
Leet Leet
Tiger Tiger
Valcore Valcore

Information Technology

Our Information Technology department is in charge of all information system-related concerns such as the computers and peripheral hardware, the convention's network, and the convention's data systems.

Novar Novar
Zane Zane
Orto Orto
Dominik Dominik
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Our Logistics department is responsible for procurement, management, and transportation of the convention's assets and consumables, as well as supporting all other departments to ensure required resources are provided.

Mr. DeWolfe Mr. DeWolfe
Fidik Fidik
Doc Doc
Cyber Cyber
Sakkii Sakkii


Our Photography department is responsible for all photography and videography of the convention, such as the fursuit photo room.

Sven Sven
Miko Miko
Milo Milo
Ventura Ventura
Anec Anec
Shutter Shutter
Adelair Adelair


Our Programming department is responsible for scheduling all events, taking and processing applications for panels from attendees, distributing event schedules, and ensuring the smooth operation of convention-run events.

Lykos Lykos
Wayon Wayon
Gale Gale
Twisted Twisted
Eigen Eigen
Trixa Trixa
Izu Izu
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Our Registration department is responsible for handling attendee pre-registration, at-con registration, check-in, printing of badges, customer service, and distribution of convention information packages (such as the con book).

Red Red
W1nter W1nter
Grandpaw Grandpaw
Wolven Wolven
Ashford Ashford
Hockey Hockey
Willow Willow
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Safety & Accessibility

Our Safety & Accessibility department is responsible for the safety and security of the convention and attendees, accessibility and accommodations, emergency response, and addressing situations involving misconduct.

Saoirse Saoirse
Tripp Tripp
Jax Jax
Amelia Amelia
Tori Tori
Condensed Condensed
Anari Anari
Chrysmuu Chrysmuu
Collieflower Collieflower
Infurno Infurno
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Social Media

Our Social Media department is responsible for all marketing and advertising, and managing the convention's social media presence.

Beaky Beaky


Our Vendors department is responsible for operating the Dealers' Den, Artists' Alley, Convention Store, processing applications, allocating tables, processing sales, and selling convention merchandise.

Nisha Nisha
Spangler Spangler
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Our Volunteering department is responsible for procuring, scheduling, and coordinating volunteers during the convention.

Heathclaw Heathclaw
Fiddle Fiddle
Booshie Booshie
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Web Development

Our Web Development department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the convention's website and web-related content, such as web pages, mobile applications, and related public-facing systems.

Kovu Kovu
Lumunix Lumunix
Mike Mike
Ovhan Ovhan
Starlight Starlight