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FSP-SAF-203P — Revised 1 February 2024

Section 1: Introduction

1.0.0 Introduction

Furcationland reserves the discretionary right to determine that any clothing or cosplay is inappropriate. The dress code below has been provided for you as a guide to comply with the Maine Municipal Code regarding public nudity and safety requirements. If your clothing or your cosplay is unable to meet our dress code requirements or is deemed unacceptable by Furcationland, a member of our staff will ask you to resolve the violation. If a second warning is necessary, it may result in Furcationland revoking your badge and/or having you removed from the convention space.

Section 2: Dress Code

2.0.0 Badges Required

While attending Furcationland, badges should be worn so that they are clearly visible during the duration of the convention. Badges must be worn on your person, not kept on bags or held by handlers. Furcationland staff may request that you make your badge visible.

2.1.0 Nudity

Nudity is strictly forbidden by local and state laws of Maine. Underwear (including bras, boxers, panties, briefs, lingerie, etc.) and everything they cover must not be visible in public space. These laws also prohibit the exposure of any device, costume, or covering which gives the realistic appearance of or simulates bare buttocks, genitals, breasts, or nipples. This includes clothing which is not opaque, or skin-colored articles which provide an illusion of nudity.

2.1.1 Areas that must be covered

All cosplays, costumes, fursuits, and clothing worn at Furcationland must cover the following:

  • Your butt,
  • Your genitals,
  • Your nipples,
  • The bottom, sides, and front of any breast tissue,
  • Your underwear, and
  • The bottoms of your feet

2.2.0 Swimsuits

Swimsuits should only be worn while going to and from the hotel pool area and are not a suitable substitution for clothing in convention areas. In addition, cosplays, especially those involving glitter, confetti, bird seed, or body paint, are not suitable substitutes for swimsuits in the hotel pool. While traveling to and from the pool area, shoes and shirts are required.

2.3.0 Footwear

  1. Ice skates, with or without blade covers, are not allowed in any convention space.
  2. Something solid must be worn between the sole of your foot and the ground at all times. Socks are not suitable substitutes for shoes. Clear sandals or adhesive invisible shoes are permissible to provide the illusion of being barefoot.
  3. Wheeled recreational devices, including roller skates and roller blades are not allowed in the convention space.
    • Skate shoes and Heelys are acceptable so long as they are not disruptive.
    • Wheelchairs and other mobility devices are allowed.

2.4.0 Props and Cosplays

  1. Props must be under 7 feet in length. If your cosplay involves wings, the total wingspan must be under 7 feet.
  2. If you have a large cosplay or a cosplay that involves stilts, you must have a handler with you at all times. Your handler must purchase their own convention badge and shall assist you through crowds and doorways.
    • Please note, not all spaces are suitable for large cosplays or stilts. Please see the Help Desk for more information.
  3. Clothing, cosplay, and props must not utilize confetti, glitter, or birdseed in their construction.
  4. Cosplays should be appropriate for a family environment. Cosplays that are culturally insensitive, derogatory, and/or mocking are prohibited. Political cosplays are also prohibited.
    • Some examples of inappropriate cosplays include, but are not limited to:
      • Intentionally changing your body features to mimic the racial features of another real-life race;
      • Dressing as a Nazi or using Nazi slogans or imagery;
      • Ahegao-style clothing; or
      • Clothing, markings, or other elements which are overtly lewd, crass, or otherwise sexually explicit.
    • Sexually explicit cosplays are prohibited except during after dark hours, as provided by section 2.5 as long as they follow our nudity policy as provided by section 2.1.0
    • Using a cosplay to belittle or demean others may result in disciplinary action including the revocation of your badge and removal from the convention.
    • Objects used in inappropriate cosplays will be confiscated and returned to the owner in exchange for their convention badge. Further consequences are up to the Operations Director and/or Safety & Accessibility Lead and may include membership revocation if you refuse to surrender your object(s).
  5. Dressing as or otherwise impersonating a Furcationland staff member, or a member of any real life local or federal law enforcement agency, is strictly forbidden. Attendees violating this policy may be asked to change. Refusal or subsequent requests may result in membership revocation and immediate removal from the convention.
  6. Clothing and related props must not disturb other attendees or block any hallways or other convention areas.
  7. Leather, neoprene, and similar hoods or headgear are permitted at the convention.
  8. Collars and harnesses are permitted to be worn throughout the convention, provided that no attachments are provided that are prohibited by this or other policy.

2.5.0 Fetish and Kink Gear - general definition

Fetish & kink gear is any kind of clothing, equipment, accessory, prop, or other paraphernalia used in sexual fetishism. Fetish gear is allowed provided it complies with all sections of this policy.

Note: The categories listed here are not exhaustive, but include the most popular types of fetish gear seen at furry conventions. Due to the sexual nature of these items, please direct any questions regarding your gear or their use to [email protected] before planning your trip to Furcationland.

2.5.1 “After Dark” hours

Hours considered “after dark” are between 10:00 PM and 4:00 AM.

2.5.2 “After Dark” Fetish Gear

  1. Latex or rubber clothing
  2. Leather clothing
  3. Neoprene clothing

2.5.3 Prohibited Fetish Gear

  1. Leashes, ropes, straps, etc, especially if attached to a collar or harness.
  2. Gags, blindfolds, sensory deprivation devices
  3. Exposed underwear or diapers, even if worn on top of a suit or clothing
  4. Anything that can create a “Null bulge” or the shape of genitals
  5. Sex toys, plugs, sheaths, etc

Section 3: Harassment

3.0.0 Harassment

Furcationland believes in your right to cosplay any character regardless of your weight, age, skin color, gender, disability, or size. If you feel that you have been subject to body shaming or any other harassment, please find a member of our staff to help you or make your way to the Help Desk.