FSP-SAF-204P — Revised 11 June 2022

Section 1: Definitions

1.0.0 Props

Props are any accessories or paraphernalia which accompany and are part of a cosplay. Examples may include jewelry and books.

1.1.0 Weapons

Weapons are a category of prop which could be used to bring harm. Examples include guns, bats, swords, and bows.

Section 2: Prohibited Props and Weapons

Prohibited props and weapons consist of, but are not limited to:

Section 3: Examples of Allowed Props and Weapons

Allowed props and weapons include, but are not limited to:

In addition, all non-functioning projectile weapons must also meet the following criteria:

Section 4: General rules and enforcement

4.0.0 Enforcement

Any prop or weapon that Furcationland, at its discretion, deems a hazard or danger will be confiscated and placed in the Security office for safe-keeping until the end of the convention or until your departure from Furcationland. The Security team will return your prop or weapon to you and we will escort you from the convention property.

4.1.0 Real Firearms

Real firearms (whether open-carry or concealed carry) are not allowed on convention center property unless carried by an on-duty police officer. Furcationland, hotel security, and police will treat anything that looks like a real weapon as if it is a real weapon. In order to ensure the safety of our attendees, we will not allow any prop or weapon if we mistake it for a firearm or think someone else might.

4.2.0 Prop Utilization

Mock fighting, swinging, brandishing, shooting, throwing, crossing swords, “waving my weapon at my friend,” etc. is not allowed at Furcationland. Attendees are welcome to pose for photographs with their props, but are not allowed to make any swinging blows. Exceptions may be made for convention-run cosplay or skit contests with the explicit approval of an authorized Furcationland staff member and only on stage during the contest itself.

Attendees must use props responsibly and not disturb other individuals. Any misuse of your props or weapons may result in their confiscation.

4.3.0 Inspection

Furcationland reserves the right to inspect and re-inspect any prop or weapon at any time and for any reason or no reason whatsoever and, at our discretion, to require the removal of any prop or weapon. If your prop or weapon could possibly be an inherent danger to other Furcationland participants, our Security team may confiscate the prop or weapon.

All props and weapons must be brought to the security office for inspection and approval by our Security team or a police officer. Approved props and weapons will be affixed with an approval tag which may not be removed during the duration of the convention. Props and weapons without this tag must be in transport to the attendee’s hotel room or to the weapons check table. Any attendee who refuses to surrender their prop or weapon for inspection will be required to return the prop to their hotel room or have it confiscated by Security in accordance with §4.0.0.