Revised 5 April 2024

Vendor Packet


Welcome to the 2024 Furcationland Vendor Packet! This document informs prospective vendors of policies and operations in the Furcationland Dealers’ Den. Please reach out to [email protected] with questions or comments. Our goal is to help you have a successful weekend with us - we are happy when you are happy!

Requirements to be a Vendor


All vendors must be 18 or older.

Tax ID

All vendors who are accepted into the Dealers’ Den for 2024 will be required to obtain a valid Maine Tax ID. Detailed instructions will be provided. Vendors with questions or who need assistance are encouraged to email [email protected]. Vendors who cannot provide a valid retailer certificate will not be allowed to vend at the convention. Please note that in 2022 the Maine Revenue Service changed their portal. Previously obtained tax IDs may no longer be valid. Vendors may select a monthly or yearly filing period when creating a tax ID. Note that income must be reported to the state of Maine once per filing period.

Handling of Funds

Vendors will be responsible for handling their own funds/transactions. No con cashier services will be available. No change will be made for vendors or attendees outside of con store activities.

Getting Started: The Application Process

Furcationland has two locations for vendors to showcase their wares: the Dealers’ Den and the Artists’ Alley. To be considered for either, interested vendors are encouraged to submit an application containing their name, business info, link to their portfolio/website, contact info, and Maine State Tax ID. You may access either application at

Note that although a Maine State Tax ID is not required to submit an application, Furcationland cannot finalize your application approval until a valid Tax ID is submitted through the application portal. You may submit a Tax ID up to one month after receiving notification of conditional application acceptance. Furcationland will not reserve table or hotel space for vendors who do not submit a Tax ID on time and will consider other applicants in their place.

Artists’ Alley

The Artists’ Alley provides artists who are new to convention vending a chance to give it a try without worrying about committing to a full three days. Seasoned artists may prefer this option as well if they would like vending to play a lesser role in their convention experience! There is no cost for participation in the Artists’ Alley. Artists are permitted to have one assistant; they will have to pay full price for registration. Artists in the alley must adhere to the following guidelines:

Dealers’ Den

Vendors participating in the Dealers’ Den pay a fee to have table space, but may sell for all three days at Furcationland. Dealers may operate with either one or two tables of approximately 6 feet by 2.5 feet in size.


Please contact [email protected] prior to submitting an application if you require a different configuration.

Additional Information

Vendor Selection Process

The Furcationland social media team will announce when applications for both Dealers’ Den and Artists’ Alley open, and the form will go live on the convention’s website until the posted close date. After applications close, we will do our best to process all applications as quickly as possible. Both dealer and alley selection is carried out by Furcationland staff.

Notifying Vendors

Applicants will be notified of any change to their status by email. We will work to process all applications as quickly as possible after the application period closes!

General Vendor Policies

Code of Conduct

At all times the vendor is expected to adhere to the convention code of conduct. Furcationland staff have the final say and their instructions should be heeded.

Permitted Display Setups

Approved displays include the following:

Please contact [email protected] if you are unsure about how our policy applies to your display. We are happy to help resolve confusion and we would much prefer to do so before the event!


Vendors are permitted to hang a banner for their studio/business in their space, as long as the artwork is deemed compliant with Furcationland policies. Banners should have a rating PG-13 or lower.

Display Size

Displays must not impede traffic flow through the room, pose a risk for attendee safety, nor should they overflow into adjoining vendor spaces.

Display Violations

Furcationland reserves the right to remove displays at any time at its discretion. If Furcationland staff determine that a display is in violation of the Vendor Guidelines, they will inform the dealer. The offending display must be modified or removed.

Permitted Goods

The following is a non-exhaustive list of permitted goods:

It is the responsibility of dealers and artists to make sure they are in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. Contact [email protected] if you are unsure about how our policy applies to your products.

Adult Content

As a general rule, convention space at Furcationland should be PG/PG-13. If a vendor wishes to sell items/artwork intended for adults, the following rules apply:

Banned Goods

The following items may not be sold within the Dealers’ Den or Artists’ Alley:

Any vendor found to be selling these items may be asked by Furcationland staff to remove them. Vendors who do not comply may be removed from the Dealers’ Den. Refunds will not be given. The list of banned goods is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Dealers’ Den Head or the Board of Directors.

Violation Penalties

Violation of the above guidelines may incur the following consequences:

We strive to never move beyond a verbal warning with our dealers. A verbal warning will raise an issue with opportunity for resolution.

Den Schedule 2024

The Dealers’ Den will be open for all 3 days of the convention (April 12-14) with reduced hours on Sunday. Dealers will be allowed to enter the Dealers’ Room at least 1 hour before opening each day to prepare their spaces. Dealers and assistants must have their badges visible to gain entry; only dealers and their registered assistants will be permitted to enter before the den opens each day. The den will close for 1 hour each day for lunch. Please note that the schedule may shift before the event. We will inform you of any changes as soon as possible!

Friday April 12 schedule: 12:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday April 13 schedule: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday April 14 schedule: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Setup and Breakdown

Special Dealers’ Thursday Setup

Dealers will have the option, if they choose, to set up their tables and spaces Thursday night from 8:00pm-12:00am. During this time, only Dealers and their registered assistants will be permitted into the Dealers’ Den. Dealers and assistants will be able to pick up their badges on Thursday night before entering the Dealers’ Den.

Initial Setup Process

Breakdown Process

A dealer normally breaks down when the den closes on the last day. A dealer may leave sooner for any reason. Breakdown for 2024 is Sunday, April 14th between 4:00pm-8:00pm.

Artists in the Artists’ Alley are required to break down at close of each day.

Dealers’ Den Staff and You

Dealers’ Den staff are available to assist both artists and dealers. Ask us for help!

Before the con you will be able to join our Dealers’ Den/Artists’ Alley Telegram group. This will be the quickest way to stay in touch with Dealers staff, other vendors, and be notified of any changes or announcements.

What Dealers’ Den staff can do for you:

What Dealers’ Den staff cannot do for you:


Please note: The Dealers’ Den at Furcationland is locked at night. Furcationland security staff will also monitor entrances to the Dealers’ Den at all times. We are taking additional measures to ensure security of the Dealers’ Den with security cameras. You are strongly encouraged to remove valuable items (such as cash boxes, iPad/tablet displays) from the Dealers’ Den when it closes each day.

Your safety in the Dealers’ Den is our priority. If you are suspicious of theft, counterfeit currency, dangerous individuals, or any other activity which may pose a security risk, please immediately take the following steps:

What to Bring to Your Table

Whether you’re a first time vendor or a seasoned veteran, here is a list of items you may want to have with you during the day: